Sunday, February 10, 2008

Brian Finke

Brian Finke’s subjects depict archetypes of modern culture, such as cheerleaders, bodybuilders or flight attendants. By infusing the iconographic into social documentary these pictures give you a fresh new look at a popular culture that is almost overly familiar to us. Although this particular use of artificial lighting in combination with available light is more common in commercial styles of photography his pictures remain within the borders of documentary. Mainly you do get to witness authentic stories, private and intimate views of the photographer’s characters. By emphasizing the seductive element of popular culture through outlining uniformity, however Finke’s pictures serve as a mirror. As ambivalent as it may be we all have an attraction to it. Our culture plays a significant role in our daily dramas as individuals.

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Untitiled, 2006
Copyright Brian Finke

Untitiled, 2002
Copyright Brian Finke

Untitiled(Bodybuilding#36) 2004
Copyright Brian Finke

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