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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Square America

Courtesy Square America

Courtesy Square America

Courtesy Square America

I like to visit the Square America site to check for updates. It is maintained by Nicholas Osborn and specializes on vintage photography...
Square America is a site dedicated to preserving and displaying vintage snapshots from the first 3/4s of the 20th Century. Not only do these photographs contain a wealth of primary source information on how life was lived they also constitute a shadow history of photography, one too often ignored by museums and art galleries. Or at least that's what I tell people- more accurately, the site is a catalog of my obsession with vintage photographs. For the last eight years or so I've spent countless hours digging through boxes of old snapshots at flea markets (mostly here in Chicago and in NYC) and too much money buying photos on eBay. The site is my attempt to create some kind of organizational framework, however idiosyncratic, for the sprawling mess my collecting has created....( Nicholas Osborn, Square America)
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Pre-War Surfing Photographs of Don James

Copyright Don James

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The photographs of Don James are among the very first images documenting the activity and lifestyle of surfing in The United States and are an evocative portrayal both of the emerging beach culture of California and of pre-war style on the fringes of Hollywood in the thirties.
(Statement Courtesy of Atlas Gallery)

I Heart Brigitte Bardot!


I have recently been checking out a lot of French chansons from the sixties at Last FM. Along with Serge Gainsbourg and Francois Hardy I have been in particular enjoying listening to Brigitte Bardot, Especially La Madrague is a tune I like to listen to again and again. So I really had to buy the CD that features this track.