Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jeremy Blake

Video Still from Glitterbest, Jeremy Blake
Copyright Jeremy Blake

I am glad that the Jeremy Blake Memorial Show @ Kinz, Tillou & Feigen will be extended for two additional weeks. That gives me enough time to catch it next Saturday. I am excited to see all of Jeremy Blake's major video works together in one show. Also, it will be great to catch a glimpse of the unfinished Glitterbest, sadly the last work of the Artist who committed suicide last summer. The NY Times has an interesting feature about David Sigal(a friend of curator Jonathan P. Binstock) preparing the unfinished piece for the show. Of the intended 11 minutes only five minutes could be found on Blake's computer. To fill the remaining 7 minutes of voice overs on the timeline they had to track down missing image files and add them to the video file, at the same time trying to maintain the integrity of the work....

After Death, Unfinished Artwork Gets a Life , By Dan

Music to the Eye
Jeremy Blake's 'Moving Paintings' Are a Brilliant Coda to a Life That Ended on a Sad Note
By Chris

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