Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Pizzicato File

“Imagine every great record you’ve ever heard stuck in a blender overlaid with the most experimental heavy metal guitar you’ve never heard combined with the most outstanding montage of video clips you can’t imagine plus superadorable camp fashions, all synthesized through a demented Japanese consumerist impression of America,” Yasuharu Konishi.

A weekend with the music of Pizzicato Five

Weekend. It's a beautiful day. Ice-cream melting mellow. I'm flying high on the sound of music. Good. The world is spinning at 45rpm. The earth goes round. My baby portable player sound plays rockn' roll, peace music. What a happysad, hippie day. On the sunny side of the street a Mini Cooper is passing by.

A quick glance of the japanese site the Pizzicato File reveals that compulsive record collecting plays an essential part in the music making and styling of 90's J Pop group Pizzicato Five.

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