Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ryan McGinley

Copyright Ryan McGinley

Copyright Ryan McGinley

I am puzzled as to why so many people interested in photography love to hate Ryan McGinley's pictures. For some reason they seem quite embarrassing doing so. His work is pretty stunning. here

I Heart Mary Weiss (Part 2)

I already mentioned that I am still totally fond of Mary Weiss' Dangerous Game Album(produced by Greg Cartwright from the Reigning Sound). I went to see her show South Street Seaport. It was great. After the show she signed Cd's, posters and t-shirts. Of course, I could not resist to attend...

Baroquo Me Rocko

Copyright Eternity's Children

Copyright Triste Janero

Since getting into the Beatles at the age of 10 I have always loved the sixties. With the time passing I have been witnessing quite a number of sixties revivals. Being the fan I am of this period I quite always enjoy them. I find it very interesting to see something familiar viewed in a new, fresh light…It’s great to have my sixties horizon extended. Over the past recent years my personal view of that era has definitely transformed a little. My music profile at Last FM confirms that Beach Boys and the Free Design have replaced the Beatles from my #1 spot. Still, as I already mentioned the Beatles have consistently been one of my favorite bands; I can almost always listen to them. But recently I have come to prefer Pet Sounds and Smile(Bootleg) to Revolver and Sgt. Pepper. Aside from that I have also fallen for Roger Nichols & the Small Circle of Friends and Curt Boetcher. I surely have not heard of these two back then as a lad in the seventies. There was just no access to knowing how great they were. It is 3o years later that there is.

After the hippies got grungier and grungier at around 68 a lot of great music suddenly appeared dated. Almost overnight genres coined as Baroque Pop and Sunshine Music were suddenly not hip enough to appeal to a counterculture in full swing. It is this music genre I have learned to love.…I’m thankful that more and more people agree with me that not only Disco(after being bashed for so many years) but also these styles are now being considered up there with the best of the best. It had to happen. The last rebellion of Rock in my experience is probably all about letting go of it. It happens within. Admit that you are probably more bourgeois than working class hero before you plug in your Fender. Sincerity lies in the musicianship and not in shallow political platitudes that accompany so many rock acts. It's funny that Elevator music appreciated long after its time is as provocative as punk to the fools who are holding on to their sacred rebellion.

More great sixties stuff I have recently come across...

Eternity’s Children,

Marc Eric,

Triste Janero,

Roger Nichols and the Small Circle of Friends.