Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Heart Mary Weiss!!!



I really love Mary Weiss' recent record. It is called "Dangerous Games". A lot of people remember Mary as the lead singer of the 60's teenager band the Shangri Las. The Shangri Las gave us such unforgettable tunes as "Leader of the Pack" or "Remember(Walking in the Sand)". "Dangerous Games" is Mary Weiss' first recording since 1965!!! Wow! There is not one filler on this record."Don't Come back", "Stop And Think it over" are my current faves.


Mary Weiss -NewYork

'Mary Weiss of the Shangri Las'My Space

Friday, July 18, Seaport Music Festival, South Street Seaport, New York, NY


mitsu said...


how was your german trip?

the song is like hard lock.

take care

Matias Aguilar said...

Hey Mitsuhiro,
Germany was really great. We spent some time with my family, took trips to Berlin and Hamburg and watched a 1st division football match between Hannover 96 and Hansa Rostock(4:1)....We realy took it easy... the food was great, we tried everything typical German and loved it! ...btw we did not even had Bratwurst and Sauerkraut once....Hope you are fine. How is life back in Japan?

Pop Feminist said...

I heart your blog! Mary Weiss is so savage. I'm adding this to my reader...